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Top 5 Best Firestone Tires in 2021 – Most Popular Collections

Unlike other vehicles, trucks demand a heavy-duty and durable tire all time. If the truck has to run in all-terrain, then the driver should not compromise with the tire’s quality.

It doesn’t matter whether you are driving on highways or a countryside terrain; you must choose a tire for your truck that can make sure the high-loading capacity.

Besides, a premium tire enhances the vehicle’s performance and reduces the maximum accident. That’s why you need to pick the best firestone tires for your lightweight trucks.

Keep reading to get the expert reviews and guide to find your desire firestone truck tires.

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Transforce AT2 Firestone Tires| All Terrain | Huge Traction
Transforce AT2 Firestone Tires| All Terrain | Huge Traction

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Transforce HT Firestone Tires | Highway Terrain | Noise Reduction
Transforce HT Firestone Tires | Highway Terrain | Noise Reduction

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All Terrain Firestone Tires | Loading 2039 lbs | 50,000m Warranty
All Terrain Firestone Tires | Loading 2039 lbs | 50,000m Warranty

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Transforce HT2 Firestone Tires | Highway Terrain | Loading 3042 lbs
Transforce HT2 Firestone Tires | Highway Terrain | Loading 3042 lbs

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Transforce HT Radial Firestone Tires | Extra Traction Ability
Transforce HT Radial Firestone Tires | Extra Traction Ability

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Best Firestone Tires Reviews

In this section, we will be showcasing to you the details about the light truck tires. It will help you to choose the most suitable tire for your vehicles. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Transforce AT2 Firestone Tires| All Terrain | Huge Traction

Our list kicks off with an all-terrain tire for a light truck. If you prefer all-terrain tires for your commercial light truck, then you can rely on these firestone tires.

Commercial vehicles need to travel across countywide. Sometimes it has to face bumpy or rugged terrain. That’s why it is wise to choose an all-terrain tire. Firestone tires will ensure a safe and comfortable journey in any terrain.

But how? If you look at the construction technology, you will understand how they ensure the quality of tire and guarantee comfortable driving in any terrain.

That’s why firestone made these tires through steel construction.

The size and body shape of the tires come through computer-design, which means these tires get the best shape and design for running on the highways. Plus, the sidewall construction of the tire prevents sharp protruding objects.

Another fascinating feature of the firestone tires is its staggered shoulder tread blocks design that enhances steer handling in mud and deep snow-covered roads. Besides, the sipes provide a great traction ability on snow or wet surfaces.

If you consider the features and the quality of the tires, it would be difficult for you to overlook such all-terrain light truck tires.

Key Features

  • Specially made for all-terrain
  • Perfect for all commercial light trucks
  • Track block design enhances traction ability
  • Use steel construction to prevent damage

2. Transforce HT Firestone Tires | Highway Terrain | Noise Reduction

Are you looking for the best light truck tires for commercial purposes? If yes, then our runner-up pick would be the most reliable tire to meet your purpose. It comes with all the features of a premium tire that are required for highway driving.

Most of the drivers complain that the highway truck tire cannot survive for a long time. Indeed, it happens due to the poor construction of the tire. However, firestone uses advanced technology to construct these tires.

As a result, you can have a safe journey while traveling through the highways or countryside terrain.

It also prevents damage to the tires. That’s how the firestone makes sure the prolonged wear in this tire sets.

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Though these set of the tire has made especially for highways, you can use them in muddy or rugged terrain as well. Thanks to its extra circumferential traction that makes it possible for driving on all-terrain.

You may notice, tires create huge noise while running on the highway at full speed. However, there are no such issues with this tire. Various sizes of the tread blocks reduce maximum noise.

Therefore, you can consider these tires to have safe and comfortable driving. Along with that, you will have long-lasting tire sets whatsoever.

Key Features

  • Reduces maximum noises
  • Shoulder ribs enhance the tread life
  • Body shape and design come through computer-design
  • Use advanced technology for tread construction

3. All Terrain Firestone Tires | Loading 2039 lbs | 50,000m Warranty

Our third pick from firestone tires will enough to stop your searching for all-terrain tires. You can consider the tire for your commercial-graded light truck after seeing the features. Let’s take a look at them.

While considering a commercial-grade tire, you must consider the loading capacity. Though these tires specially designed for light trucks, it can endure up to 2039 pounds loads. So, you can effortlessly travel across the country.

Mileage is another indication of the quality and capacity of the tires. Firestone ensures a 50,000 miles treadwear warranty on these tires set. However, it will survive more than that. If you usually not travel in rugged terrain, then it will serve you maximum.

Don’t worry about the rock or sharp object while you are driving on the rocky surfaces. It comes with an enhanced rubber compound that resists all sharp objects and provides maximum protection.

If you are freak about the noise of the tire, there is good news for you. Firestone ensures noise reduction technology that able to reduce maximum noise.

So, if you always prefer all the tires for your light truck, you can undoubtedly choose the tire set. These tires never let you down by its quality.

 Key Features

  • Maximum loading capacity up to 2039 lbs
  • 50,000 miles treadwear warranty
  • Rubber compound resists sharp objects
  • Comes with noise reduction features

4. Transforce HT2 Firestone Tires | Highway Terrain | Loading 3042 lbs

For those who are looking for a high way terrain tire with high-loading capacity, this firestone tire is for them. Along with that, these tires come with all other fascinating features that a premium tire should have.

While choosing a highway terrain tire, you must consider the heat dissipation features of the tire. Otherwise, it will wear and tear soon. However, there are no such things with these firestone tires as it can dissipate maximum heat.

Lightweight trucks demand maximum safety while driving on wet surfaces.

To provides such assurance and reduce the risk of hydroplaning, firestone ensures full depth lateral slots that provide water evacuation.

Though these tires have designed for the light commercial truck, it can endure a load of up to 3042 pounds. Moreover, this limit is not only for the even road. You will get the same load capacity on the uneven road as well.

If you have frequently traveled through snow-covered terrain, this would be the best firestone tires for you. I bet you will find the same comfortable driving like a normal highway because it offers huge traction on snow or wet surfaces.

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Key Features

  • Loading capacity up to 3042 pounds
  • Reduce the risk of hydroplaning
  • Design for highway terrain light truck
  • Offers a huge traction ability

5. Transforce HT Radial Firestone Tires | Extra Traction Ability

Highway vehicle’s tire always demands a durable out-finish on the tire; otherwise, it will tear out quickly due to the extreme heat. To get a durable tire for a light highway truck, you can rely on our last firestone tires.

How it becomes a durable tire and resist extra heat? If you look at the formulation of the tire, you will understand its capability.

It has engineered with a rubber compound that can dissipate extra heats. That’s how it becomes a popular tire among light-truck drivers.

Though the tires for highway terrain, you can effortlessly drive the truck on the muddy or wet surface. This is because the tires provide extra traction ability that is enough to drive on wet, snow, or muddy surfaces.

The shoulder ribs of these tires are able to increase tread life. As a result, you don’t think about changing the tire for a long time. Besides, these tread construction of the tire prevents immature wear out.

If you consider the tires in terms of quality, features, and cost-effectivity, you cannot overlook the tire because this set offer more features than its price. So, you can consider this highway terrain tire for your light truck.

Key Features

  • Most cost-effective tires
  • Shoulder ribs enhance the tread lifespan
  • Ensures maximum durability
  • Offers extra traction for wet surfaces

Things to Consider Before Buying Firestone Tires

Best Firestone Tires


Whether you are buying an all-terrain tire or a particular terrain tire, you need to consider some crucial things before buying the tires. I will help you prevent future frustration and narrow down your option to choose the best light truck tires.

Tire Construction

The construction of the tire indicates the product quality. The durability and the performance of a tire are also depending on the construction. If the tire constructs with high-quality rubber and comes through steel construction, that means the tire gets a huge lifespan. Besides, you can choose some passenger car tires.

Tire Design

The design and body shape can determine the performance of the tire. That means you must choose a tire that has engineered through a computerized way. That’s how you can maximize the performance of a truck tire. Make sure you also check our guide for tires for sedan.

Loading Capacity

While buying truck tires, you must check the loading capacity. It doesn’t matter whether it is a light truck or a heavy truck. Without having enough loading capacity, the tire will wear and tear soon. Sometimes it may lead to serious accidents if it has not much-loaded capacity.

Though you are choosing a tire for light or heavy vehicles, check the loading capacity beforehand. Here above-listed firestone tires have a good loading capacity. As a result, you can undoubtedly use them on your light trucks.

Heat Dissipation

When driving through the highway for a long time, the tire gets hot or produces a substantial amount of heat that can lead to tearing out of the tires. However, it depends on the loaded or unloaded tires.

If the truck is fully loaded, then chances are higher to produce maximum heat. In that case, if you use a low-quality tire that has no heat dissipation, you may face an accident.

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Therefore, check the heat-reducing feature of the tire before take into your cart. The good news is that firestone ensures the heat-reducing features on all tires.

Tread Design

Tires have symmetrical and asymmetrical tread design. The asymmetrical tread pattern has a good balance in the wet surfaces. Plus, it can resist hydroplaning.

On the other hand, the asymmetrical tread design provides less rolling resistance and reduce extreme noise. Moreover, it can ensure maximum fuel efficiency.

As a result, choose the firestone tires for your truck according to your probable travel terrain.


Another important thing you must consider is the milage of the tire. It means how effortlessly a tire can run without any damage or wear. Some tire mentions the exact mileage that will go without wearing.

If it mentions, then you could consider the milage. Otherwise, you can see the full features of the tire to choose the best light truck tires.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use these firestone tires for snow-covered areas?

Yes, of course.

Firestone tires come with a huge traction ability. As a result, you will have the maximum grip even on the wettest road. That means you are welcome to drive on snow-covered roads.

If you choose an all-terrain tire for your light truck, you will get the most traction while driving in all-terrain.

2. Will these firestone tires fit with my 1-ton truck?


It would be a good fitting for your vehicles because it’s also a lightweight truck. Besides, you can choose tires that have good traction ability and offers a quality tire.

3. How many types of tire firestone offers?

Basically, the firestone offers two types of tire for the light truck, which capacity between 1-1.5 tons. One is an all-terrain tire, and another is a highway terrain tire.

So, you can choose a suitable tire according to your visited terrain.

4. What would be the maximum milage of these tires?

If you choose a light truck tire, you will get a maximum mileage of up to 50,000 miles. That means it has a warranty to run for 50,000m. However, the firestone tires can survive more than that; just choose a particular tire for specific terrain.

5. Does the tire has heating resistance features?

Yes! It has.

While running for a long time, the tire produces extreme heat that is enough to wear a tire. However, these firestone tires come with heat dissipation features.

Final Words

While choosing a tire for your light truck, you should consider the features such as tread pattern, loading capacity, resistance, and traction. That means you are about to have the best firestone tires.

So, don’t compromise the quality of the tire while picking a truck tire. Otherwise, it may lead to dangerous accidents.

Have a Safe Riding!