Best Extension Cord for Air Conditioner – Top 5 Selection For 2021

An air conditioner is one of the essential kitchen appliances that are pretty expensive and highly prone to electrical damages due to a faulty extension cord.

There are many air conditioner extension cords in the market place and selecting the best one for your air conditioner is a daunting experience.

The ideal extension cord is helping to offer protection to the appliance and ensures the safety of your air conditioner.

If you use the best extension cord for air conditioner, you can see the result a few weeks later. The performing speeds of your air conditioner will increase.

Do not be confused! Our specialized teams spend more than hundreds of hours inquiring about the quality extension cord. Let’s find out the guidelines.

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UltraPro Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | Orange | Heavy Duty
UltraPro Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | Orange | Heavy Duty

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Cable Matters Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | 16 AWG Gauge
Cable Matters Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | 16 AWG Gauge

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Qualihome Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | Wire | 9 FT
Qualihome Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | Wire | 9 FT

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Electes Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | SPT3 | Multi-Outlet
Electes Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | SPT3 | Multi-Outlet

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POWTECH Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | 1875 Watts
POWTECH Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | 1875 Watts

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Best Extension Cord for Air Conditioner Reviews

There are different types of extension cords in the marketplace, and it is easier to fall into a trap by choosing the wrong one. That is why we are here for you!

After placing a close eye on the numerous extension cords available in the market, the detailed description is placed here as a review. That comes from the real buying experience. Have a look at the details of the best air conditioner extension cords.

1. UltraPro Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | Orange | Heavy Duty

The UltraPro orange extension cord comes with high volts and makes it standard for heavy-duty electrical home appliances. It has multidimensional uses such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, and others.

Supplier developed the cord for heavy-duty and one-piece molded plug to provide extra durability. High voltage electric shocks never damage the cord. That is why you can choose the product for giving security of your air conditioner.

There has a robust jacket system for covering the entire cord. Orange vinyl jackets can fight against moisture, dust, and dirt. The protector ensures the longevity of the cord.

The extension cord is covered 25 feet. It works perfectly for long-distance work like hand drills and jigsaws. The system is hassle-free, no need to change the socket again and again. So, the distance coverage system is comfortable for the user.

UltraPro manufactures the product, keeping in mind the use of multi-purpose. You can use the cord in different same category products.

The cord has grounded with three wires and a 16Awg extension cord. The features also support you in safety issues. So, do not waste your time searching on the other market; click to buy your one.

Key Features

  • Perfect for heavy-duty
  • Compatible with distance work
  • Multi-purpose uses
  • Ensure the damaged safety

2. Cable Matters Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | 16 AWG Gauge

Cable Matters is trusted worldwide as a leading organization in the electronics and technology industries. Their customers rely on them because of their expertise, from project inception to post-sales support. They offer products that are thoughtfully designed and carefully engineered in-house to deliver an ideal customer experience.

The supplier extends the length of the existing power cord. The three-prong extension cord accurately complies with indoor equipment. Besides air conditioners, it is considered the best extension cord for refrigerator. Moreover, you can use it on the desktop, laptop, and LED monitor as well.

The feature added here, 16 AWG Gauge three-prong extension cord. It is related to 13 amps to support standard voltage. In the time of power requirements, it automatically balances the voltage. The supplying voltage protects the air conditioner from damage by the fuse.

The flexible grounded extension cord is reliable for longer distances than a thinner power cable extension. It is entirely safer and durable for working fast.

It has a heavy-duty power cord extension with a standard NEMA 15-5-P grounded power plug and a three-pin female NEMA 5-15R connector. Based on this, it can use in the same different appliance.

It is common to use all household appliances and consumer electronics. The 2-pack power extension cable includes a lifetime warranty and product support.

Key Features

  • Three prong extension cords
  • Uses of 16 AWG gauge
  • Flexible, grounded extension cord
  • Lifetime warranty support

3. Qualihome Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | 9 FT

Qualihome is one of the best-branded shops around the world. It always focused on a quality product. The manufacturing strategy is entirely customer-focused. The company continues its manufacturing to meet the demand of the upcoming generation.

The company is one of the best manufacturers of the heavy-duty extension cord. There is a wired system for air conditioners and major kitchen appliances like air conditioners. It can handle heavy loads. So, if you are searching for an extension cord that gives your full reliable power connection then go with this one.

The Qualihome extension cord has an angled plug that allows the wire to remain flush to the wall even in tight spaces. This is because it is durable and a flexible cord.

The supplier added the new feature of grip grooves. The grip grooves make it easy to connect and disconnect the extension cord from the air condition system. It helps to save electricity and so on.

Besides, it is crucial to reserve 125 volts for working smoothly. The air conditioners can transfer by the extension cord of Qualihome. The heavy vinyl insulation protects the cord from moisture, abrasion, and chewing from rodents like rats.

Key Features

  • Wire system cord
  • Added the angle plug
  • Grip grooves for controlling
  • Volt transferable extension cord

4. Electes Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | SPT3 | Multi-Outlet

Electes is well known for the best extension cord for air conditioner at home appliances. If you search for a quality brand for home appliances, the Electes is one of the best to choose. The air conditioner especially needs a high voltage and heavy load handling cord. So, Electes is here to satisfy you.

The last choice on this list is the Electes SPT-3 heavy-duty grounded cord. This model has a high loaded capacity. At the time of extreme pressure, electricity can’t wear out the cord.

The cord is 20 feet long and is suitable for use in homes where the outlet and the air conditioner are mounted is far apart. It is convenient in all aspects. If you want to shift the set’s position to a comfortable place, it will fit accurately.

The wire gauge of the cord is all manufactured by copper, which is the UL standard. Another thing that sets extension cord is how the wire gauges are separated, making heat dissipation easy and efficient. And this helps to protect the extension cord from getting damaged due to heat buildup.

Considering the length and quality of the Electes SPT-3, the cord is certified for indoor and outdoor use. So, if you have some DIY tasks to get done, it helps you and ensures security.

Key Features

  • Well known for quality
  • Heavy-duty ground cord
  • Cover the long-distance
  • Wire gauge manufacture by copper

5. POWTECH Extension Cord for Air Conditioner | 1875 Watts

The brand of POWTECH has a grounded SPT-3 heavy-duty cord, which is suitable for high energy-consuming appliances. It has enough capability to handle the pressure of electricity. The company manufactures the cord with full reputation.

The cord length available ranges from 3ft to 25ft (the maximum size). Full length can support you to set the air conditioner in your preferred position. So, you can choose your required cord length.

The company also added the features of angle plug to control by switching off and on. It works with the best fits an outlet perfectly when inserted. So, collect your one as soon as possible.

The POWTECH has a rating of 15 amps, 125volts, 1875 max watts, and 14 gauges. It will fulfill your demand by serving the accurate one. So, it can withstand the power demands of high current appliances.

The UL extension cord has satisfied all safety standards. It also comes grounded for safety. So it is safe to use anywhere in the home.

The extension cord is perfect for air conditioners, washing machines, air conditioners, and other heavy-duty tools, etc. Quality construction also makes the cord look durable and convenient to use.

Key Features

  • High energy consuming
  • Preferable length ranges
  • Different voltage and watts
  • Listed by UL

Things to Consider Before Buying Extension Cord for Air Conditioner

Best Extension Cord for Air Conditioner

When you go to buy the best extension cord for refrigerator or air conditioner, there are certain things you need to analyze for the betterment of your kitchen appliance. If you are going to buy a cord, you need to consider these factors beforehand.

For that, we are here to assist you in choosing the best cord. So, it will be helpful for you to lessens the buying hassle. Don’t forget to check the cold weather extension cord reviews.

Length of the Cord Size

If you are thinking of locating the air conditioner far away from the kitchen or outlet, consider the most extensive wire-related cord. You can get the cord in different sizes. It’s up to you which one is the best fit for you.

For safety reasons, you can choose the longest one. However, If there are children at home, then you need to hide the cable for safety purposes. Otherwise, having a lengthy cord is appreciable.

So, after considering the complete issue, you should purchase the long-distance extension cord for your air conditioner. Check out the most essential review for downspout extension.

Heavy Duty

The discussion here, the cord of the air conditioner needs a heavy category cord for tension adjustment. It has a chance to damage the lighted cord glance. Built-in coppered and high amperage voltage should be getting preferred because it can handle the severe electric load.

So, it is pretty important to check whether the extension cord has the ability to endure extreme electrical load. Besides, you can choose some safety wire pliers.

Angle Plug

Angle plug is crucial for an extension cord to ease the plugging adjustment. If you got an angle plug for your air conditioner then it will give maximum privilege to compatible with the wall power board.

On the other hand, you should also check the quality of this angle plug because this is the gateway to access the electricity run through the entire wire. So, a better quality angle plug can save your electric appliance, plus, give them a long lifespan as well.

So, think carefully before buying the cord. Wrong decisions can suffer you.

Vinyl Jacket

If you think about the longevity of the cord, then it is essential to consider vinyl jackets. In any weather or cause of any dust, it has a chance to damage the physical condition of the cord. But the vinyl jacket helps to protect from all related damage.

So, check and re-check the vinyl jacket is available or not, then go for buying.

Price of Cord

Before buying, it is significant to check the price list. Pricing is a very influential factor for buyers for purchasing decisions. Depend on the geographical location and market demand price might be changed.

If possible, check the one more cord price. It helps you to get knowledge of the product’s current position. Sometimes a low-budget cord works better than an expensive one. So, budget-friendly prices allow you to make decisions accurately.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the activity of the angle plug?

Angle plug is an integral part of the air conditioner. It helps the product for control. It is not necessary to run the conditioner 24 hours. Sometimes it is essential to off and on, that time angle plug perform.

2. What is average the thickness (diameter) of the cord?

It depends.

The diameter of the GE 15-foot extension cord is approximately 0.31 inches. The thickness is enough for load adjustment.

3. What is the useability of 16 AWG Gauge?

16 AWG Gauge used for balancing the electricity!

The 16 AWG Gauge is related to the amperes system to support standard voltage. It reserves the electricity and serves when electricity is at low voltage. For that reason, there is a chance to damage the air conditioner’s quality. As protection, 16AWA Gauge performed and balanced the scarcity of electricity and saved it from damage.

4. Is it working for multi-purpose uses?

Yes, it works!

These cords are famous for multiple-purpose uses. That’s why some professionals consider these cords as the best extension cord for refrigerator. Besides, the extension cord will support different related products like a generator, washing machine, refrigerators, etc.

5. Can I use this cord for a 120-volt, 7-ampere washer?

Yes, you can!

Generally, the washer needs high voltage for running. So, 120-volt, 7-ampere is plenty large enough for the uses.

Final Words

In this final stage, you are aware of all the aspects of choosing the best extension cord for air conditioners. There expected that you would not be confused anymore considering the purchase.

After all, with all the quality cord, you can handle it smoothly and use it for multi-purpose benefits. The best extension cord will help you to make a robust working air conditioner.

Have a safe attachment with an air conditioner!