Top 5 Best Downspout Extension – The Must Have Selection For 2021

Is the wall of your dream house getting damaged due to heavy water flow? A poor drainage system is the worst thing because it can destroy your home. If the water accumulates on the terrace during the rainy season, it will slowly ruin your wall. So how to get rid of this problem?

If the water is lounging around your foundation, you should include the best downspout extension in your necessity list. It is the only thing that will drain the excess water. Plus, it will drive the water to the targeted place outside your home.

We have rounded up the top five downspout extensions below to help you with your hesitation to buy the right one. Here you will find how this small tool enables you to keep up your property and save your home from future damage.

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Flex Drain 85010 Downspout Extension | Foundation Protector
Flex Drain 85010 Downspout Extension | Foundation Protector

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Flex Drain Downspout Extension | Flexible Adapter
Flex Drain Downspout Extension | Flexible Adapter

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Frost King DE46BR Downspout Extension | Automatic Unroll
Frost King DE46BR Downspout Extension | Automatic Unroll

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Wholesale Plumbing Downspout Extension | Vinyl Construction
Wholesale Plumbing Downspout Extension | Vinyl Construction

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Frost King Downspout Extension | Automated Roll-Up | Green
Frost King Downspout Extension | Automated Roll-Up | Green

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Best Downspout Extension Reviews

In this segment, we will present you with the most useful features and insights regarding the first-class rainguard downspout extension. The information we have mentioned below will assist you with finding the most reasonable extensions for downspout. Now, let’s jump into the audit.

1. Flex Drain 85010 Downspout Extension | Foundation Protector

The first pick in our downspout extension recommendation list is from the Cleveland Tubing. It is a vinyl made super durable and premium-grade. What we liked the most about it is, it withstands all the weather types, no matter how rainy, cold or hot the outside is.

It works the same as the description says. You can bend or extend the downspout to drain the water away from your house to wherever you want.

But that’s not all. You can bury or keep it on the ground and connect it to another tool, whatever you prefer.

Its flexibility makes it useful to bend around any objects or trees without ruining its original shape. You can also cut the pipe to a suitable length and keep the rest for further use without compromising its efficiency. You can check our recommendation list on gutter caulk.

Another feature that you will appreciate the most is its easy installation. It will directly fit with your downspout without creating any fuss. Plus, it stretches out quite quickly. You can expand the extension by flexing it over your leg or a railing.

This downspout extension is white, which will look good against brick, concrete, or stone wall. Overall speaking, this product adds great value according to the price range.

Key Features 

  • Easy installation process
  • Tightly fits with downspout
  • Flexible and durable
  • Expandable up to 55 inches

2. Flex Drain Downspout Extension | Flexible Adapter

Some of you may look for the best downspout extender that will fit the downspout efficiently. In that case, Flex Drain flexible extension for downspout will be just the thing that you actually need. Once you fit it into the pipeline, water will find no escape way while draining away.

We previously mentioned another model from this brand. The only thing that makes it different from the previous one is, this one has color variation.

You can choose any color that blends with the area where you are placing it.

Once you fit this extension into your drainage pipe, you do not need to worry about leakage because it fits tightly to the joint. Therefore, it will not separate even after the speedy water pressure. The water will flow to the exact place where you want it.

The extension comes in a standard size, which means it will be suitable for all downspout pipes. Moreover, you can stretch this extension to the length you need to adjust the PVC. You do not need to put much effort into stretching as the manufacturer kept its installation process more manageable.

However, if you need to bend the extension in a U-turn way, you can quickly do that without creating any drama. The extension will not rupture, and that’s why you can bend it as much as you need. Also, check our review on the brushes for varnish.

Key Features

  • No tools needed to install
  • Easily bendable
  • Quickly stretches
  • Fits tightly

3. Frost King DE46BR Downspout Extension | Automatic Unroll

The next entry in our recommendation list is a renowned downspout extension from the Frost King. If you are searching for something that blends with the ground, this plastic drain away is the right pick for you. Now let’s start with its features.

First of all, this green extension comes about 8 inches long, but you can push the length to a whopping 12 feet! Also, it has enough diameter to drain away a large amount of water. Therefore, it can move more water farther away than most other downspout extenders underground.

If you are living in an area where heavy rainfall occurs, a standard extension might not be enough for you. In that case, the Frost King downspout extension will be suitable for you. Whenever rain or a heavy waterfall appears, it unrolls automatically to drain the water away.

Also, this downspout extender rolls by itself when it feels dry. Therefore, you can keep it rolled up out of the way during winter. You can leave it jointed with your downspout and curl it back all from the end of the extender.

Another excellent advantage of this automatic extension for downspout is its lightweight and flexibility. Therefore you can round or bend the extension to the targeted routes, gardens, or flowerbeds smoothly.

Key Features

  • Trimmable with scissors
  • Flexible and weightless
  • Rolls in ad out automatically
  • Installs easily

4. Wholesale Plumbing Downspout Extension | Vinyl Construction

If you are a professional or a hobbyist gardener, agro farmer, your day might start and end by working on the lawn. We totally admire the fact. However, the best downspout extension becomes an eyesore for you if you love greenery.

If this is the fact, then we have the Wholesale Plumbing downspout extender adapter kit for you. This extension is flexible and extendable up to 55 inches. Due to its flexibility, you can wrap it around the corners and edges according to your need.

What makes it more unique than the other downspout extensions is its rectangular shape.

No matter how much you bend its elbow, this corrugated extension will hold its shape while connecting or burying it to the ground.

Its construction is very reliable. The manufacturer has designed it with vinyl to make it more durable. Only because of its durable construction, it does not leak due to the heaviest water flow. Thus, you can divert the unwanted flow of stormwater from the foundation.

As a result, if you connect this extension to the drainage pipe, it will eventually wash out the water to the targeted place. Anyway, always remember to clean out the gate if the leaves or garbages block the way.

Key Features

  • Vinyl construction
  • Fits almost all downspouts
  • Extendable up to 55 inches
  • Rectangular shape

5. Frost King Downspout Extension | Automated Roll-Up | Green

Next, we have another premium quality downspout extension from the Frost King. Its fantastic performance has made us include it in our list. If the fitting is an issue, you can give this a try because it perfectly fits with the pipeline.

The Frost King downspout extender connects with all the standard size drainage pipes. Like the other extensions we have mentioned, it also fits with the downspout and dumps the water away efficiently.

Thus, it protects the wall and preserve’s your home value by removing excess water.

Other than that, it offers a tool-free flexible design. You do not need any extra kit to install or bend this extender tool. Plus, its lightweight makes it easy to work with. However, you do not need to put extra effort to stretch this because it automatically extends with the water flow.

In terms of appearance, it comes in green color. If you are placing this extension in a grass-covered ground, it will blend easily. Therefore, anyone can hardly notice it. Plus, its green body is made with premium quality plastic material, which increases its durability.

You do not need to worry about connecting with the downspout pipe because it stretches enough to fit the downspouts.

Key Features

  • Flexible connector
  • Convenient structure
  • Green plastic body
  • Great for up ground and underground

Things To Consider Before Buying Downspout Extension

Best Downspout Extension

While purchasing the best downspout extender, you need to be extra cautious. If you miss one essential side, it will be a loss and damage your wall due to leakage or other issues. Therefore, you will suffer this unwanted negative consequence.

A little bit of concern saves a lot of time and money. That’s why we have gathered the necessary points that you need to keep in immediate consideration. Let’s get them.


The first thing you have to decide is the type of downspout extension that is appropriate for you. Different kind of extenders has their own purposes. Some are business-grade, and some are for the home. Some are to joint two pipelines and some for just flowing out the water.


If the extension for downspout is visible, it might be an eyesore for you. If you install and conceal that correctly, it can stand out. On the other hand, it can be an issue for perfectionists. That’s why we suggest you get something that mixes with the ground or wall and ensure the perfect setting with the downspout.

Most of the extensions are available in the market that you can install both over the surface or underground. The using procedures are always mentioned on the packaging, so you better check that before buying.

Installation Process

The extensions for downspouts are not that difficult to install. You may require some screws. But most of the extenders nowadays accompany all the necessary tools. On the other hand, some brands do not need any tools to install. You can check those as well.


Generally, all downspout extensions will interface with the standard size of downspout pipes. But what if your downspout does not come in a standard size? Therefore, consistently check your downspout size before purchasing an expansion for it.


The bendability of the downspout extension is another essential feature that you should not skip. You might need to bend the extender around the garden or edges. If the extender is not bendable, it will break easily.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use a downspout extender during winter?

It is an optional task.

Downspout pipe extensions are needed during the rainy season, not winter. You may roll it up when you do not use it.

2. Does the best downspout extender need any tool to expand?

Thankfully no!

This extension expands quickly without putting much effort. You do not even need any extra tool to enlarge it.

3. Can I trim the end?

Yes, you can.

You can cut off the end with scissors according to the size you need, and it will work just as fine as before.

4. Will the extension get punctured due to heavy water flow?

The downspout extension is made with high-quality material that withstands even stormwater.

5. May I know the installation process?

The installation process is straightforward.

You just need to place the extension over the downspout with the coil facing away from the house. Then secure it by tightening the self-locking plastic tie.

Final Words

The best downspout extension is not the eye-catching one, but it’s the one that actually works on the all-weather type. The downspout extenders play an important role in protecting your home from water-causing harm.

It is wise to spend a little time and money to buy the right product that will serve you for so long and fulfill all your needs. You will get all the essential information to buy the most suitable downspout extension in our guidelines to save you from getting fooled.