Best Doors for Can-Am Maverick – A List From The Expert

If you spend enough time on the trail, you are bound to be assailed by a small rock or a tree branch. A door for your Can-Am Maverick can always protect you from the unnecessary injuries on the trail.

That’s why the best doors for Can-Am Maverick are one of the most popular gadgets out there for Can-Am Maverick UTVs. Indeed, these doors are quite popular as they save you from debris as well as mud and water.

Although there is no shortage of good doors for Can-Am Maverick, it can get quite hard to choose the door of your taste. To your rescue, our expert teams have spent hours researching the top-notch doors for Can-Am Maverick and made a list of only the best five of them.

Keep reading so that you can choose the perfect door for your Can-Am Maverick.

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Kemimoto X3 Lower Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Metal Frame | OEM
Kemimoto X3 Lower Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Metal Frame | OEM

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Xprite Aluminum Lower Full Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Light-weight
Xprite Aluminum Lower Full Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Light-weight

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KIWI MASTER Lower Half Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Half door
KIWI MASTER Lower Half Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Half door

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Dragonfire Racing Hiboy Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Steel door
Dragonfire Racing Hiboy Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Steel door

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SuperATV Aluminum Half Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Ergonomic Height
SuperATV Aluminum Half Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Ergonomic Height

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Best Doors for Can-Am Maverick Reviews

This section consists of multiple options. However, not all of them might be your type. So, choose a door for Can-Am Maverick according to your necessity after seeing their full specifications.

1. Kemimoto X3 Lower Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Metal Frame | OEM

If you need a door but don’t want to go overboard with edginess, then an OEM-style door might be the right choice for you.

A lot of us like the factory design of the Maverick and don’t want to change that even a bit. But, again, we can’t compromise safety. An OEM-style Kemimoto door is just perfect for this occasion.

This door from Kemimoto gets you the best security because of its unique bottom door. This bottom door keeps the stones from flipping into the rider area, which may cause distraction. Thus, they also protect your legs from injuries and even keeps the mud and water out of your cab area.

But, you might be confused, as most of the other Can-am maverick X3 full doors on the market are made of aluminum, and this is made of plastic. Kemimoto assures the safety of its plastic design. Also, comparing to other aluminum doors, this door matches the stock door of the maverick and has a nicer seal.

With its thick rubber seal along the edge, this door will keep everyone dry and reduce door noise. You can also directly install this to the factory mount without any drilling or trimming.

Key Features

  • Perfect match with the factory design of Can-Am Maverick
  • Injection-molded polypropylene makes the door durable and strong
  • Strong plastic door matching your vehicle
  • Easy to install, No drilling necessary

2. Xprite Aluminum Lower Full Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Light-weight

While researching for the best can am x3 doors, we found out that a lot of people don’t use aftermarket doors because they add extra weight to their vehicles.

Also, most of the light-weight products that are found on the market don’t provide enough security and are considered money waste! If you think like this, and if you want your Maverick to be light as it is, then this might be most suitable for you.

Xprite is now one of the biggest online retailers that sell automobile parts. Their products are tested continuously and have never failed to amaze the users.

Made of high-grade 0.080″ Aluminum, with a laser-cut and a CNC bent, that means Xprite ensures durability and aesthetics at the same time.

Also, who doesn’t like black on their majestic mavericks? These Can-am maverick X3 full doors are powder coated with a black finish which in turn adds to the durability and style much more than you think.

As with any other good doors for can-am Maverick on the market, this is also designed to match the factory body finish of the maverick and adds protection while maintaining its signature light-weight. However, if it wastes too much time to install, then the fun is all over.

That’s why Xprite provides you with easy installation and all the necessary parts. You can just buy, install and take a ride on your beloved Maverick.

Key Features

  • High-quality doors, designed to match OEM body
  • Made with high grade 0.080″ aluminum
  • Light-weight but strong as hell
  • CNC Bent & Laser Cut, black powder-coated finish for the best fit

3. KIWI MASTER Lower Half Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Half door

Just as any other side-by-side vehicle user, if you like the feel of open-air but still need to protect yourself from trail debris, then this is the product for you.

A lot of people lose the fun of off-roading in a fully enclosed environment. In a sense, they rightly think that the feel of open-air adds so much to the adventure. But without a door, your cab area gets flooded with mud, and you get injured by small rocks or tree branches.

That’s why half the doors are the perfect solution. They don’t suffocate your adventure and also provides security. What’s better than that?

These Kiwimaster half doors are perfect can-am x3 lower doors because they add much to the style of the vehicle without losing its strength. They are made of high-quality aluminum for strength and durability. But aluminum is light-weight. So this product won’t add to the weight of your vehicle.

But a lot of times, doors may look good but are not comfortable. Not a chance here! The latches in this door for can-am Maverick are strategically placed for maximum comfort. They are allowing you to enjoy yourself fully.

You also get a full warranty and support return for even undamaged products for 30 days! So, your satisfaction is a guarantee.

Key Features

  • Perfect fit for Can-am maverick
  • High-quality aluminum to save weight and add to the durability
  • Rogue style to stand out in the crowd
  • Black powder-coated for beautiful finished look and durability

4. Dragonfire Racing Hiboy Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Steel door

Only one thing to say about these, they are made of thick steel.

So, if you have any hesitation before buying these, don’t. Just don’t. These can-am maverick Dragonfire doors are just perfect if you are not faint-hearted. If you know what you’re doing with your UTV, then these are the best Can Am Commander doors for you.

Being made of steel add so much to the durability and the ride that you are likely to even forget about the minimum weight it adds.

These can-am maverick Dragonfire doors are way too much better than the factory nets because of the strength it provides your machine.

Though steel doors are harder to install, once you attach them, you’re going to be happy that you did. They add much more manliness to the style of your vehicle. This door is going to make you and your vehicle look like a beast for sure.

Like any other door, the can-am maverick Dragonfire doors also provides you with security and protection but just adds way too much stability and durability than its competition. Besides, Dragonfire cares about its customers. These Can-am x3 lower doors come with expanding foam packaging and plastic protection.

So, if you think you are mechanically capable enough to handle yourself, these are your doors for can-am Maverick.

Key Features

  • Made of thick steel
  • Durability is out of the sky
  • Good after-buying service from Dragonfire
  • It fits perfect for can-am Maverick

5. SuperATV Aluminum Half Doors for Can-Am Maverick | Ergonomic Height

A door that gives you comfort, style, and protection is hard to find on the market. So, once you find a brand that provides all three, you should stick to it.

SuperATV is such a brand. As it is the best doors for Can-Am Maverick, it gives you serious protection as well as aesthetics value. These are rock-solid aluminum doors. They match the curves of your machine and adds much more to the overall beauty of it.

As these are made of high-quality aluminum, there’s not much to say about its strength and durability.

They started with a 1-1/4″ diameter aluminum tube frame, then bolted a CNC brake-press bent door panel to it. That means it is providing a battle-ready but light-weight door.

On a side-by-side ride, one thing that we always overlook is comfort. These doors are made with ergonomic proportional height for the perfect comfort. Super ATV made sure that the latches don’t hit your knees when riding, and you can rest your arm comfortably on the doors.

However, a lot of Can-Am maverick max doors make it much harder to even enter the vehicle. Not this one, though. They are made with an automotive-style latch with a simple handle for easy entry and exit.

These doors come pre-assembled for a quick and easy installation. So, what are you waiting for?

Key Features

  • Powder-coated for maximum durability
  • Ergonomic height for a comfortable experience
  • Pre-assembled for a quick and easy installation
  • Multi-bend aluminum construction for light-weight and style
  • Long-lasting performance because of a heavy-duty frame with two mounting points

Things to Consider Before Buying Doors for Can-Am Maverick

Best Doors for Can-Am Maverick

As we mentioned earlier, there is no shortage of doors for can-am Maverick on the market. So, it gets quite hard to understand which one is the right choice for you.

That’s why we came up with some key points to help you understand the right door for your necessities and which might be the best Can Am Commander doors on the market for you.

Half or Full Doors

The difference between half and full doors is their size, obviously. Full doors give you an enclosed space, while half doors are more open and adventurous.

Both of these doors have their merits. But mostly depend on your preference and where you live. If you ride a lot in the rain, you might want to get a full door. But, if you live in hot weather, well, full doors might suffocate you.

Again, if you use your UTV for personal tasks, then you might want a full door, but if you’re here for adventure and fun, nothing is better than a half door for protection. Any car owner would appreciate having some of the belt for can-am outlander, so take a moment to check them out.

Plastic, Aluminum or Steel Doors

Another huge point to look at while buying doors for can-am Maverick is the material they are made of.

Usually, these doors are made of either metal or plastic. Plastic doors might make you think they are weak. But, in no way, that is true now. A good quality plastic product can be better than most metal doors because of their clean style and low weight.

However, if you don’t like plastic at all, then go with metal. Metal doors are usually made of Aluminum or Steel. Steel doors are a lot heavier and stronger, which are an advantage and a disadvantage too. They add a lot of weight to your already heavy Maverick.

On the other hand, the good quality aluminum product is going to be strong enough and will provide you with good enough protection while maintaining a minimum weight. You may also like some of the tires for traxxas slash 2wd from our list.


A door for any UTV must be durable because most people use it for adventures and riding. They have to stop trail debris head-on and take a lot of hits. So, they must be strong and durable.

Thus, you need to make sure the door you’re buying is durable enough for your needs. Our guide to the rims for honda accord is also a useful product for you.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Can half doors protect me?


Half doors are perfect for protection and adventure because they protect you from odd rocks or branches but does not suffocate you and your fun out of the adventure.

2. Are plastic doors durable enough?

Plastic doors are very durable now because of modern technology polymer. These plastic doors look great and provide you with enough protection from the trail.

3. Are the steel doors way too heavy for Maverick?


A Can-Am Maverick can easily take on the weight of a steel door. So, if you find yourself assured by the strength of steel, you can buy one.

4. Do all doors on the market fit Can-Am Mavericks?

There are different doors for different fits. So, you must contact your local dealer if you don’t understand the perfect fit. That way, you can get the best Can Am Commander doors.

5. Can I install a door myself?


You can install most doors yourself because most companies attach all the necessary instruments with the door itself. Also, you can find the user’s manual inside the packaging.

Final Words

There’s a quote in the side-by-side community that if you hit the trail on your maverick, the trail will hit you back. That’s why you always need to be safe and care about your protection.

Doors for Can-Am Maverick provide the best protection, and the factory nets are as well as useless. With the help of this list of the five best doors for can-am Maverick on the market, you can buy yourself that protection and enjoy your adventures.

Enjoy the off-road because they say, “DIRT NEVER HURT.”