Top 5 Best Cold Weather Extension Cord – A List From The Expert

When you want to use any electronic devices or tools that are a bit away from the electric port, you must use an extension cord. The extension cord that can withstand any harsh situations is often necessary for outdoor tasks.

In that case, the best cold weather extension cord is a vital component. Whether you are operating a lawnmower or hanging lights in your garden, you cannot overlook the extension cord for outdoor. It is a much-needed tool for power supply to the unreachable corners.

However, different outdoor extension brands in the market vary in length, capacity, material, etc., where most of them are top-notch quality. Our attempt is to provide you a proper guideline for choosing the right cord extension in this article.

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Southwire Cold Weather Extension Cord | Heavy Duty | 100 Ft
Southwire Cold Weather Extension Cord | Heavy Duty | 100 Ft

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Iron Forge Cold Weather Extension Cord | Water-Resistant | 50 Ft
Iron Forge Cold Weather Extension Cord | Water-Resistant | 50 Ft

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Watt Wire’s Cold Weather Extension Cord | Thermoplastic | 50 Ft
Watt Wire’s Cold Weather Extension Cord | Thermoplastic | 50 Ft

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Go Green Cold Weather Extension Cord | Lighted End | 25 Ft
Go Green Cold Weather Extension Cord | Lighted End | 25 Ft

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Woods Cold Weather Extension Cord | Oil-Resistant | 50 Ft
Woods Cold Weather Extension Cord | Oil-Resistant | 50 Ft

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Best Cold Weather Extension Cord Reviews

In this segment, you will get a proper guideline of the top five cold weather extension cord. Along with the brand suggestion, we will deliver you the admirable features of those extension cords for cold weather. We will also help to choose the right power strip by showing all the must-to-know factors.

1. Southwire Cold Weather Extension Cord | Heavy Duty | 100 Ft

If you are looking for a cord extension that protects your connector and prolongs its durability, have a look at the Southwire cold weather extension cord. It is an all-purpose power strip for both indoor and outdoor use.

The manufacturer has designed this extension by keeping the safety issue in mind. Its yellow appearance is another thing that adds more security.

The color is so bright that it is highly-visible while using on a job site. That’s how it increases safety and prevents accidents.

On top of that, it features a lighted receptor that clearly indicates when the power is on, and the extension cord is ready to use. Plus, this flexible vinyl jacket has reinforced blades. Such construction adds its durability and protects the prongs from breaking or bending.

Another great feature is its flexibility. The cord is reliable to use for both indoor and outdoor. You can safely use it anywhere as it will not create any unpleasant marks on floors or walls. However, the vinyl jacket ensures protection against moisture or sunlight exposure.

Regardless to say, this yellow extension cord is excellent for powering appliances, gardening, or even heavy-duty devices. Thus, its robust construction makes it highly weather and water-resistant. However, you can have a look at our downspout extension review.

Key Features 

  • Highly water-resistant
  • Bright yellow vinyl jacket
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Exceptionally durable

2. Iron Forge Cold Weather Extension Cord | Water-Resistant | 50 Ft

The best extension cord for contractors that has made its spot in our list is from the Iron Forge. Many of you may have heard this name already because it is a renowned brand for its multipurpose uses. After knowing all its features, you will add this to the cart without even thinking twice.

First of all, this extension cord is a great option to meet all your indoor and outdoor electrical needs.

Whether you use it for a leaf blower, lawn mower or electric drill, and Christmas lights, this extension cord is perfect for all your purposes.

What makes it even better is its reliable vinyl covering. This water-resistant jacket protects the cord against abrasion, sun exposure, or moisture. However, this cold weather extension cord will not even pick up dirt, which means it will remain fresh wherever you use it.

This extension cord is an excellent choice for another reason. The manufacture used very light copper gauge strands in the conductor. Therefore, it allows the cord to be more flexible bend. For the same reason, it will not break in the cold or hot weather over time.

So you can see that its construction is premium grade. Therefore, this cold weather extension will last for a longer time and work better. Alongside, check our review on dry lubricant spray.

Key Features

  • Robust construction
  • Value the price
  • Perfect length
  • Reinforced blades for protection

3. Watt Wire’s Cold Weather Extension Cord | Thermoplastic | 50 Ft

The next entry in our list is the Watt Wire’s cold weather extension cord. It is one of the most delicate quality extension cords that outlasts all the weather types. The best part is that you can run multiple things simultaneously with this extension cord for cold weather.

If you need a heavy-duty extension cord, nothing can be better than the Watt Wire’s. It comes with three female ends that allow you to plug in three items at the same time.

You can even connect heavy-power adapters with the outlets.

This cold weather extension cord is perfect for heavy-duty uses. The reason is its beefy structure. The manufacturer used industrial-grade SJTW thermoplastic to make it last for running air compressors, milter saw, and various other tools.

What impressed us is its heat tolerance. It can withstand temperatures from -40°F to 130°F. Also, the wire will not melt or burn while running the electric flow. Plus, the cords use soft-drawn copper to give a 120V 15amp voltage drop providing the power you require.

Thus, if you want something durable that will be suitable for both heavy and medium use, do not doubt to buy Watt Wire’s weather extension tool.

Key Features

  • 12 gauge copper wire
  • SJTW thermoplastic construction
  • Suitable for heavy or medium use
  • Three outlets for plug-in

4. Go Green Cold Weather Extension Cord | Lighted End | 25 Ft

Let’s face another best cold weather extension cord, which is from the Go Green. Once you start using it, you do not need to worry if the power supply is running. You can easily detect the flow by merely looking at the end that illuminates to show the power on!

You will love this power extension the most because it is water-resistant. You can use it for those electronic devices that come in constant water touch due to this excellent feature. You can freely use it around your garage or all other outdoor electric devices.

It has an LED light the lightens up to show you its active status and confirm that the power supply is passing well. That’s why you do not need to check frequently about the electric flow. So, whenever it is on, you can keep yourself at a safe distance.

This Go Green power extension cord also allows you to increase the power supply to the furthest distance in need. The cord includes three-prong plugs to ensure safety during the electric flow. Plus, you can extend the cord according to your need because of its adequate length.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant
  • LED light illuminates in power supply
  • Suitable for all outdoor devices
  • Three prong plugs

5. Woods Cold Weather Extension Cord | Oil-Resistant | 50 Ft

Whether you are keeping your family safe or doing any electrical project, the Woods cold weather extension cord will have your back. This versatile cord extension is leading the industry for more than 75 years with its upgraded electrical products.

This heavy-duty extension cord will have your back for all your electrical purposes. In our testing, we have seen that it efficiently supplies low-voltage power. You will not experience any voltage drop during the power supply.

You can use this extension cord as essential lawn equipment and holiday lighting in the garden.

Leave all the worries about its abrasion because it is moisture and exposure resistant. Therefore, you can roughly use the outdoor extension cord for all purposes.

The durability of this product is commendable. It is made with 14 gauge wire and covered with a PVC jacket. Therefore, no matter how much you bend it, there will be no chance of breaking the wire. Plus, the cord remains flexible and tangle-free under all weather conditions.

That’s not all about the Woods cold weather extension cord. You will discover the more fantastic result of using this product after utilizing it. We can guarantee you that purchasing this brand will value each of your hard-earned money.

Key Features

  • 14 gauge
  • Powerful extension cord
  • PVC jacket
  • Does not break

Things To Consider Before Buying A Cold Weather Extension Cord

Best Cold Weather Extension Cord

The best extension cord for contractors ought to withstand daily uses and successfully deliver the power supply, including cold, hot, rainy weather, or other uncertain circumstances. In that case, you should consider the factors below to pick the right one to get the expected outcome.

Reinforced Prong

Most of the extension cords have three reinforced prongs. You should always pick the extension for conductors that can handle critical consequences for safety. Therefore, the primary consideration is to get the extension cord built with reinforced prongs to protect it from breaking or bending.


The construction of the wire extension cord indicates its capacity of power supply. The smaller gauge number tends to have the thicker the wire. Generally, the high-quality extension cords come with 12 to 14 gauges. Therefore, they can withstand extreme heat or electric pressure.

Work Site

Another thing you should consider is the worksite. The coating or jacket of the wire protects it from uncertainties, including moisture, heat, sun exposure, abrasion, cold, etc. Therefore, determine the actual purpose where you use this cord extension, then purchase the suitable one. There are particular products for general or commercial purposes.


Budget is another factor you should consider. We always have a specific budget to purchase anything. You better hold a reasonable amount of dollars to buy an extension cord because you will face untold sufferings if you get a cheap quality product for home improvement devices.


Outdoor extension cords have to be robust as they are for rough use. In that case, always look for the one that has a rugged covering to ensure safety against damages.  PVC or vinyl cords tend to be reliable to withstand sharp stones, abrasion, or even from being walked on.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is an extension cord?

The extension cord is a cable that supplies power to the devices a bit far from the electric source. It is essential to choose the best extension cord for contractors to ensure safety and prevent the home from electrical mishaps.

2. Is it safe to use an extension cord?

Of course, it is.

The cold weather extension is covered with a safe and water-resistant jacket that prevents accidents. Also, it protects te wire and ensures an unhindered electricity supply.

3. Can I use this extension cord for outdoor purposes?

Yes, you can.

This multipurpose extension is waterproof and weatherproof, and that’s why you can use it for gardening, landscaping, or other outdoor purposes.

4. Can I plug this in anywhere?

It depends.

If the socket matches the prongs, you can plug in the cord.

5. Can I use it for outdoor Christmas lighting?

Of course, you can.

However, make sure that the cord you will be using has an adequate length according to your need.

Final Words

Till now, you might have understood the necessity of the best cold weather extension cord when you are using electronic devices that are a bit away from the port. If you are working outside, you should use a high-quality extension cord that outlasts any consequences.

We have tried to deliver you a proper guideline about the top five outdoor extensions for cold weather. After getting all the factors, you might have inclined to replace the old one with one of our extensions to keep your home risk-free.