Butcher Block Countertops

Best Butcher Block Countertops in 2021 – Quiet and Reliable

Can you think about refining your kitchen without a smart and convenient cutting board? Of course not! In fact, the structure of this kitchen point determines the ultimate convenience of the rest of your cooking. And for an easy and better cutting point, the role of a butcher block countertop is way more important than any other kitchen station!

A butcher block countertop is the ultimate smart kitchen point that serves as a slab for all types of chopping and cutting of cooking items. As your convenience is our top consideration, we are here with the best butcher block countertops for the perfect place to perform your culinary skills!

Are you ready to choose your desired smart cutting block? Let’s find what features are waiting for you!
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Best Butcher Block Countertops Reviews

For your convenience, we have researched all the butcher block countertops available in the market, and then we have shortlisted the topmost quality products just for you! Let’s check them out!

1. Royal Craft Bamboo Butcher Block Countertops | 18 x 12″ | Handy

Are you looking for an eco-friendly chopping station for your kitchen? The Royal Craft Wood got it for you! Their most demanding Organic Bamboo Butcher Block Countertop comes with pure bamboo, which is free from all kinds of contamination. It is absolutely natural, just as you desired!

The Bamboo Chopping Board comes in a rectangular shape which is very much handy and can also be used as a serving tray as it got side handles too! Moreover, the extra-large (XL) size (18″ x 12″) is greatly convenient for cutting meat items or all kinds of veggies as it is very much spacious and bigger in size.

Thinking about what if it cracks? Nothing to worry about! This environmentally-sound butcher block countertop is purely made of bamboo, and the bamboo is very much amiable for knives. So, it will not easily break down or crack even it got scratches on knives or sharp-edged cutters!

Are you still doubting its quality? Never mind, the Royal Craft Wood Company gives you 100% assurance of the excellent quality of the product, and they are even ready to get back their products if you can find any laggings in them! You were just waiting for this kind of confidence, right? Yes, we know! Grab your one fast!

Key Features

  • 100% organic, eco-friendly product
  • Very much handy
  • Amiable to knives and other sharp cutters
  • Confidently excellent in quality

2. John Boos Butcher Block Countertops | Maple Wood Edge Grain

Are you expecting your cutting station would be made of superior quality Maple Wood? If so, then the John Boos Block Cutting Board is the best butcher block countertop for you.

This extra-ordinary butcher block countertop comes with the most admirable quality maple wood that is positively prominent for its longevity and endurance.

Especially it is famous for its power of endurance to remain the same in all kinds of environment. So, nothing to worry about the weather!

If you are looking for a chopping board that is free from toxicity, then this one is the best non toxic cutting board of your choice because the cleaning process of the board is so easy that it only needs to simply be wiped out, and all the wastes are gone away without any effort!

The good news is, you can reverse the board and continue chopping and cutting on the other side, too, because both the sides come with the same quality to be used as the cutting and chopping point! Now, if one side is used for a while, you can simply turn it around and continue your work without any hassle!

All of these features come together at a very reasonable price for your comfort. Then it must take place in your kitchen, what say?

Key Features

  • It comes with superior quality maple wood
  • Prominent for its longevity
  • Positively non-toxic
  • Reversible

3. Villa Acacia Butcher Block Countertops | Extra Large | Gripped

Are you a tropical hardwood lover? Then this is your call! Because the product I will be described now is made with the best quality tropical hardwood that will make you feel satisfied! Let’s see what come in the details!

The Thirteen Chefs Store has always been popular for its unique and finest quality wooden chopping blocks. Among all the boards of their wooden collection, the butcher block countertop made by Acacia Wood, which is very much superior in quality and looks magnificent as well. The countertop comes with golden illumination that gives an extra enchanting look to it.

Let’s talk about size and capacity now. This Extra-Large countertop measures 24″ x 18″, which demonstrates your freestyle working and swift moves. Moreover, a width of 1.5″ indicates its ability not to crack or fall into pieces easily. Rather, it protects the board from sliding at any time.

The washing is so easy now! You will find handles at both ends, which will help you to make the board handier and easier to wash!

Ready to cut in this amazing tropical hardwood countertop? This is your one!

Key Features

  • Made with exclusive Acacia Wood
  • Spacious and well-gripped
  • Easy To wash
  • Protects from sliding

4. Massive Bamboo Butcher Block Countertops | XXXL Size

The bigger, the better right? Exactly! Now we are here with the largest chopping station for your smart kitchen!

It is massive! The cutting board comes with XXXL Size, which measures about 30 x 20 x 0.75 inch and that is literally wholesome! If you are planning to serve some food in a whole, the best butcher block countertops are here for you!

The Greener Chef Store always cares about the health and environment, and that is why they have chosen organic bamboo as the basic material of the chopping board.

The butcher block countertop has undergone the safety check ensured by MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management), which approves its eco-friendly quality.

Worrying about the weight? Let us make you feel relieved because the product may have been huge in size, but it weighs only 11 pounds! It means you just need to adjust this masterpiece in your kitchen, but it will not be a burden on you!

Are you still being afraid to take a risk to bring this chopping giant at home? Don’t worry; the Greener Chef Store will replace the countertop with another if any cracking happens within a year after buying. Such a great offer, isn’t it? You don’t need to think, just bring it home!

Key Features

  • Super big in size
  • MOM approved
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Warranty ensured

5. Mevell Walnut Butcher Block Countertops | End Grain Board

A good-looking product is always attractive, right? And so, you are getting such a butcher block countertop from Mevell Company that includes all premium features. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s see what’s inside.

This exquisite cutting board is made in Canada, where the Hardwood was chosen very mindfully. The board can be comfortably used reversibly as the finishing is exactly the same on both sides! So, the smarter, the better, right?

If we talk about the persistency, this block countertop comes out outstandingly!

This chopping station has a great power of endurance which protects it from almost all kinds of sharp-edged entities. Being knife-friendly, it also got a great grip to resist any types of scratch marks too!

Looks matter, right? The ascending-positioned ends of the sides ensure the heavy-toll service of the butcher block countertops. No matter how to pressure you to put on the area, it will not cause you any trouble for sure.

Precisely, the most ideal one for your kitchen as not only it eases your culinary works but also enhances the smartness of your kitchen with its style and grace. So, undoubtedly it is one of your choices for the ultimate comfort.

Key Features

  • An end-grain cutting board
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Make sure a knife friendly cutting
  • Well gripped and scratch freeboard

Things to Consider Before Buying Butcher Block Countertops

Best Butcher Block Countertops

There are certain factors that you must be focused on while choosing the best non toxic cutting board for you. To find the appropriate one for yourself, we have shortlisted some important factors for you. Let’s explore them!


The thickness or width of the countertop defines whether it can bear the weight of the food items or not. If you are buying a butcher block countertop, it is very much important to get a perfectly thick board for avoiding unwanted sliding of food items. Besides, you can choose some brush for varnish.


The extra surface that modifies the style of the board should be carefully observed. There are three types of grains; the Face Grain, the Edge Grain and the End Grain. All three types of grains also indicate the functions of the countertop, whether you can work smoothly or not. Make sure you also check our guide for downspout extension.


If you want to get a contamination-free chopping board, then you can easily rely on eco-friendly countertops. The environmentally sound countertops are mostly approved by MOM and other safety, ensuring scales. As they all offer you an easy cleaning process, you can remove all kinds of wastes by simply wiping them out! Check out the most essential Review for caulk for gutters.


Are you looking for something affordable yet supreme in quality? Not to worry, the butcher block countertops come with superior quality that will easily bring about a positive change to your kitchen, and they are available at various price range as per your ability!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. How many types of Butcher Block Countertops are available in the market, and what are they?

There are three types of butcher block countertops and are Face Grain, Edge Grain, and End Grain.

2. Can sharp-edged cutters crack the Bamboo-made countertops?

No, the Bamboo-made countertops cannot be easily cracked or broken into pieces.

3. How to wash my countertop easily?

Most of the butcher block countertops can be easily cleaned with oil and water. Yet, some of them only need to be wiped out with soft tissues.

4. How can I choose the best non toxic cutting board for my kitchen?

The best non-toxic cutting boards are eco-friendly, and MOM approved. You can simply choose your desired non-toxic one, which has undergone safety checking properly.

5. What should I do to avoid cracking on the surface of my countertop?

Answer: To avoid unwanted cracking on the surface of the countertop, you can go for the countertops which are reversible. Even if one side is cracked or broken, you can simply flip the board and continue chopping on the other side!

Final Words

Now, after illustrating every significant feature of a butcher block countertop, we can hope that the confusion you had in your mind is completely cleared and you have got to know all the information in detail. So, we hope that you will now be able to decide which one is the best suitable for you and get yourself the best butcher block countertops for your smart kitchen!

Have Safe Cut!