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Top 5 Best Brush for Varnish in 2021 – Most Popular Collections

It doesn’t matter whether you are going for painting or varnishing. The matter is you need to choose the quality brush since the brush will determine the performance of your work.

Sometimes professional painter or DIYer hard to complete their project due to inferior brush. It happens due to the ergonomic design, filament or finish of the brush. That’s why you must pick the best brush for varnish.

So, to provide you with a better painting experience, we have come up with 5 top-notch varnish brushes that can be used on any painting project. Let’s dig a little deeper to get your desired brushes.
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Best Brush for Varnish Reviews

This section has designed with the top-rated brush with its detail features. As a result, it will help you to discover your intended brush from the top list. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Pro Grade Brush for Varnish | Set of 5 | 1″- 2.5″

The best way to kick off the list with a professional-grade brush, isn’t it? Yes, the Pro Grade brought a set of brush which is perfect for any painting or varnishing. Let’s unlock some other features.

Pro Graded has a wide reputation in producing varnish brushes. It becomes possible due to their product quality. The brush has come through a well-finished structure. That’s how it is domination in all painting and wood stains.

To work effortlessly in a lengthy project, the painter needs a reliable and comfortable handle. The good news is that you are getting all such facility in this brush set.

In fact, the Pro Grade ensures the ergonomic design for the brush set.

While choosing a professional brush, the important aspect should focus on is its versatility. That means you should pick a brush which is suitable for wall, wood or metal. Don’t be worried about this feature because it is a versatile brush’s set.

Besides DIYer, the brush is most suitable for any other professionals such as painter, students and artist because the brush’s filament saves your time and produces a premium finishing. Alongside, if you wish you can use them as a polyurethane brush.

Key Features

  • 5″ brush with 2-1/2″ angle
  • Most cost-effective brush set
  • For interior or exterior painting
  • STR filament saves both time and paint

2. Bates Brush for Varnish | Comfortable Handle | Multi-Use | 4pcs

For those who are looking for a quality varnish brush at an affordable price, this brush set is for them. Bates ensures the variety of size in this brush set that also considers as the epitome of durable. Let’s get it.

As it mentioned durability, so first talk about the quality. Bates has produced the brush with high-quality materials. As a result, you will have the ultimate performance while painting. Plus, this brush set will provide long-lasting service.

The fascinating feature of the brush is its filament. The brush comes with synthetic filament, which is able to hold more paint at a time.

As a result, you can finish your project on time and save a huge amount of paints.

Thanks to its comfortable handle that turns tedious painting projects into fun. If you are choosing a brush for a long-time painting, you can rely on the Bates brush. The wood handle provides maximum grip and produces a better outcome.

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If you are a newbie or an art student, you can effortlessly use the brush since it has designed for all types of the painter. That’s why it is considered as the best brush for varnishing acrylic paintings as well.

Key Features

  • Comes with different brush’s size
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Most suitable for varnish, stain and paints
  • Comfortable handle and durable filament

3. Purdy Angular Brush for Varnish | All Paints Use | 1.5″ – 4″

If you are mostly working on trim, shelves, cupboard and beams, you need an angular brush. In fact, such a brush can reach the most unreachable corner. So, to get the premium angular brush, you cannot overlook this collection.

Usually, the Purdy comes with 2.5″ brushes. However, if you need another size for a particular painting, there is an option to choose. Besides, Purdy allows you to choose the different brush style whatsoever.

Purdy has a good reputation for producing brush in the USA. They use natural wood and copper ferrule while manufacturing.

Besides, they also used a nylon and polyester blend for ensuring durable filaments.

A professional project demands a multipurpose brush because you have to encounter all types of paints. However, there are no such issues with this brush as it is compatible with all paints and stains for wood.

The brush comes through an ergonomic designed. It has a round edge beside angular trim and fluted. Along with that, it got a wood handle which is comfortable and durable simultaneously.

Compare to the other brush. It is a bit pricy. However, if you consider its features and quality, it will worthy of your every penny.

Key Features

  • Size available from 1.5″ to 4″
  • Can be used on all paints
  • A multipurpose brush
  • An angular brush with wood handle

4. US Art Supply Sponge Brush for Varnish | Lightweight | 20pcs

Suppose you are fed up with the quality of your existing brushes and looking for the best brush for varnish. There is good news for you. US Art comes up with such a pro-graded brush which are reliable for any types of painting.

A professional painter needs to work with various types of paints. As a result, they need a versatile brush. That’s why US Art brought such brushes that can be used for oil-based paint and any types of stains along with varnish.

Whether you are a DIYer or a professional painter, you need a comfortable handle to effortlessly complete your projects.

In this brush, you will get a comfortable handle which provides maximum grip while painting.

If you are generous about paint saving, it will take you a bit further. That means the filament of the brush save your paints and times simultaneously. Besides, it will leave smooth finishing regardless of the surfaces.

The main feature of this foam brush is its absorption cells. That’s how it reduces the dripping and give you a better painting experience. So, if you like such a lightweight brush for painting, that would be the most reliable brush whatsoever.

Key Features

  • A pack of 20 brushes
  • Variety of sizes are available
  • Foam cells reduce dripping
  • Perfect for varnish, paint, polyurethanes and stain

5. Winsor & Newton Brush for Varnish | Water Color | Wash | 2″

Are you looking for a brush that covers large areas at a time? Then this is a suitable brush for you. Winsor & Newton brought a quality brush that comes with all features of a premium painting brush.

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First talk about the quality of the brush. Those who are familiar with the Winsor they know how durable the brush is. The brush has manufactures through nature wood for the handle and synthetic fibers for bristle.

Besides varnish painting, it is preferable for water-color. The soft filaments make sure an even flow throughout the surface.

Plus, it will able to hold maximum paints at a time. As a result, you can cover the maximum areas with each brushing.

Thanks to its comfortable handle that is suitable for all user. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or amateur painter; you can complete your job with the brush quite effortlessly and cleaned the brush easily.

While buying the brush, you will have many options to choose the most suitable one for you because it offers multiple sizes and different brush style. Though the price of the brush is a bit higher, if you focus on the quality, you can go with this one.

Key Features

  • Comfortable handle with extra grip
  • Covers a wide area at a time
  • Easy to paint and easy to clean
  • Soft and durable filaments

Things to Consider Before Buying Brush for Varnish

Best Brush for Varnish

A brush is a small but profound tool for painting. So, you must consider some factors while choosing a brush for varnish. Otherwise, you will end up with a frustrating painting experience.

That’s why we have put together some significant factors that you should consider before picking your best brush for varnishing acrylic paintings. Let’s get them.

Brush Size

Different painting project demands different brush size. So, it is wise to go with a brush set that comes with various size.

If you are a professional painter, you should choose a multi-sized pack. However, DIYers can select either a standard size brush or go with a multi-sized pack.


The important aspect of choosing a brush is its quality. If you ensure a quality brush, that means you are about to have a durable brush. To check out the brush’s durability, you can see the manufacturing information.

If you are choosing the brush for professional purpose, that means you have to use the same brush in multiple painting. That’s why you must consider durability.


Without better filaments, the brush cannot perform well. Only a soft filament-based brush can bring a smooth finish on the surface.

Apart from, a thick filament holds a huge amount of paints at a time. That means you can easily cover a wide area by a single short. Besides, you can save your maximum time and paint by such a thick brush.


Most of the varnish brushes are made of the wooden handle and copper ferrule. So, check whether they are made of the quality materials.

Besides, you should check the quality of the filament. A synthetic fibre made bristle perform well and last for a long time. So, to get a long-standing brush to see its manufacturing materials.

In terms of Project

Varnish should be select according to your project. If you are working on a project that needs to paint on multiple surfaces, then you should choose a versatile brush for that.

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However, for working on a wood project such as cabinets, trim, door, shelves, you need an angular brush. So, to have a better painting experience, you must choose the brush in terms of projects.

Cleaning Process

It would be a frustrating experience if the brush cannot wash easily. Most of the DIYers are facing the problem after painting. So, you need to check whether the brush is easily washable by water. If yes, then you can go with this brush otherwise skip such brush.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What materials have usually used to produce the brush for varnish?

For making the handle, manufactures have used natural wood. The bristles are made through synthetic fibers. And the body joint has made by the copper ferrule.

2. Which size is perfect for DIYers?

It depends on your project.

In general, a DIYer should choose a standard size brush. It should be between 2-3.5 inches. However, if you need a specific brush for a particular project, then you should choose the brush according to your project.

3. How can I clean these varnish brush?

These brushes are easily cleaned by water. The cleaning instructions are mentioned in the information section. If the brush requires any special chemical to clean, then use those cleaning agents.

4. How can I find the best brush for varnishing acrylic paintings?

If you consider some factors, it would be easy to find the best brush.

First, see the handle of the brush. Then focus on filaments and check how durable and thick they are. Plus, you must consider the price. If these things are okay, that means you are about have to intend brush for varnish.

5. What types of the brush is suitable for beginners?

While choosing a brush for amateur painters, you should consider an ergonomically designed brush. It is most comfortable to use. Plus, they will get an extra grip and never get fatigued while painting for a long time.

Final Words

The success of a painting project mostly depends on the quality of the brush. Thus, you cannot randomly choose a brush or compromise with the brush’s quality for your painting project.

Therefore, you must consider the brush’s handle, filaments, and comfortability while buying. I hope that you have come up with the best brush for varnish as you have gone through the article.

Happy Painting!

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