Belt for Can-Am Outlander

Best Belt for Can-Am Outlander – 5 Finest Products Reviewed

Are you an adventurous person who likes to wander around in the wilderness with your Can-Am Outlander but is facing problems because of a weary belt? Or maybe your Can-Am Outlander isn’t performing well enough for your skills and needs? In both cases, you need to take a look at your machine’s CVT drive belt.

A CVT belt is one of the key parts of a Can-Am Outlander. The machine’s performance can easily depend on the belt’s durability and smoothness. This belt transfers all the machine’s weight and can be a weaker point easily. So, you need the best belt for Can-Am Outlander for the smoothest performance.

That’s why our expert teams spent hours researching for the highest performing belt for your Can-Am Outlander and narrowed down the list with five top-rated belts for your ease.

Keep reading to find out the perfect belt for you.
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Best Belt for Can-Am Outlander Reviews

This section holds multiple options. However, not all belts might be suitable for your ATV experience. So, choose a CVT belt according to your necessity after seeing its full features and specs.

1. Gates G- Force CVT Belt for Can-Am Outlander | Carbon Cord

Do you hate changing your CVT belt sooner than expected? Well, everyone does because it wastes valuable time, energy, and money on something that’s supposed to last a long time.

In that case, if you want a belt that lasts, the G-force belt for Can-Am Outlander from Gates doesn’t waste your time and lets you enjoy the off-road experience with your vehicle.

Gates Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of power transmission solutions. They have been here for a long time, and by judging their products, you can tell they are here to stay for a long time.

But off-road journeys can be pretty rough, and it needs the vehicle and its parts to be flexible. The G- force belt gives you the finest performance for your Outlander with its trapezoidal top cog, providing excellent flexibility and efficiency.

Again, the most important part of a CVT belt is its durability and strength, isn’t it? The G-force’s advanced carbon cord makes the belt one of the strongest in the market.

That’s why this is a perfect belt for Can-Am Outlander because it supplies faster acceleration, improved throttle response, and consistent shifting performance.

Key Features

  • Extraordinary strength because of advanced carbon cord
  • Provides excellent flexibility and efficiency
  • Durable to its core and will last longer
  • Tested under extreme environments and also for race events
  • Aramid fiber-loaded elastomer compound for optimized performance

2. BRP New OEM Belt for Can-Am Outlander | Aramid Tensile Cords

Do you want a belt that is considered a champion? This drive belt here is considered the best belt for can am commander 1000 by experts on the internet!

With grooves on both sides of the belt, this drive belt gives you the smoothest ride possible. As this is calibrated to maximize your Outlander’s performance, you can expect to have an excellent service from this one.

But, apart from performance, we also need to focus on durability. With its aramid tensile cords, this belt will run as long as you can make it!

Aramid belts are constructed with special fibers for workloads that are usually a little higher intensity. Plus, they are unique because of their extra strength and resistance to heat.

Again, if you are an ATV user with more than one vehicle, this can-am outlander belt is perfect for you because it is compatible with a long-range of ATVs.

Last but not least, BRP provides greater value because of its price range. Comparing to dealerships, you are saving quite a few bucks here without compromising your performance. One could argue that you don’t expect anything else from a drive belt.

Key Features

  • Aramid Tensile Cords provide extended life-time
  • Grooves on both sides of the belt give you a smooth ride
  • Perfect fit for many vehicles
  • Lesser priced than its competitors

3. Can-Am 422280364 Drive Belt for Can-Am Outlander | OEM

Would you rather use a replica of the factory serpentine can-am outlander belt than an aftermarket product? Then, what’s better than buying from the company that makes the vehicles?

If you’re someone who likes keeping it original, then this is the best for you. With unique Can-Am technology, this Can-Am drive belt gives the finest performance.

As this product is designed for high-temperature robustness, Can-Am guarantees prolonged durability.

With its PBO high-tensile strength polymer fiber construction which is 100% cutting edge. That’s how it is a guaranteed couple thousand miles.

But, again, can OEM Can-Am belts provide what aftermarket belts provide? Well, to most experts, OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer belts are better because they fit perfectly. If you bought an iPhone, would you rather buy an iPod or a Chinese equivalent? Exactly!

Although OEM belts can be pretty boring for some, they provide excellent performance and gives you better after-buying services. Also, they fit most of Can-Am vehicles. Besides, it saves you from buying extra spare parts for your other vehicles if you have one.

So, what are you waiting for?

Key Features

  • High-tensile poly-fiber construction provides greater durability
  • Designed for high-temperature robustness
  • Compatible with most Can-Am vehicles
  • Genuine Can-Am Drive Clutch Belt

4. Evolution Powersports Belt for Can-Am Outlander | High Shock Load

Most of us who drive an Outlander is such of a kind who likes power more than anything else. Without extreme horse-power under the belt, where’s the fun of going All-terrain?

The Evolution Powersports belt has the latest bottom cog design, which gives you greater rotational efficiency at full shift. You can take the corners at full speed without losing power now.

Also, this bottom cog design gives your vehicle an upper hand with the clutch.

To come back again to that extreme power, we were talking about earlier, this belt has the highest shock load rating to date, which makes it capable of withstanding the power of even 400 hp machines.

This belt grips, the clutch slot is tighter than the OEM Can-Am Outlander belts, which in return provides a higher power performance. Users have also described a big difference in hook-up and engine braking.  So, if you like to go full throttle, this is the best belt for Can-Am Outlander 1000.

Also, to strengthen the bottom cog, even more, Aramid Fiber Cord is wrapped over the bottom cog of these belts instead of polyester.

So, one can genuinely feel the majesty of this product, and you can only imagine what you can do with it.

Key Features

  • Highest Shock load rating to date
  • Capable of withstanding the power of even 400 hp machines
  • Latest bottom cog design, giving you better rotational efficiency
  • Belt grips the clutch slot tighter than other products
  • Extremely durable even in extreme usage

5. Can-Am Maverick Belt for Can-Am Outlander | OEM

Many people consider OEM products to be better than aftermarket. Well, we are not here to argue but to provide you the best performing belt, and this is certainly one of them.

As Can-Am made the Outlander, you can only guess that they know what their machine is capable of and what the machine needs as its belt. That’s the reason they sell this OEM product.

This is a product that can withstand high temperatures without collapsing. So, a little rough terrain riding won’t affect the Can-Am belt. This unique engineering comes with higher durability and provides the user a smooth experience.

But, if you are not sure that OEM products are good enough for your performance, you should consider looking at the performance this belt shows. With its high tensile strength polymer, this can easily go about for a long time.

As an OEM product, can-am can guarantee a perfect fit. So, your machine will run through without causing any problems.

Key Features

  • A Cost-effective belt
  • Strong in high temperature
  • Perfect fit guaranteed for Can-Am Outlander
  • Genuine Can-am clutch belt
  • High tensile strength polymer ensures durability and performance

Things to Consider Before Buying Belt for Can-Am Outlander

Best Belt for Can-Am Outlander

All of us have to face changing the drive belt for our machines, no matter how much we hate the process. So, you need to be knowledgeable about buying the perfect CVT belt for your vehicle.

However, choosing the best belt for your workload and preference can increase your machine’s performance a lot. So, you need to note some critical points before buying the best belt for can am commander 1000. Let’s take a look at them so that you can buy yourself a CVT belt for Can-Am Outlander. You may also like some of the tires for traxxas slash 2wd from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

OEM or Aftermarket

This is a huge issue for most riders. Because these are different types of CVT belts, and they provide different experiences. OE quality products are usually a lot more endurance heavy but don’t provide the best performance. So, generally, they don’t give you an upgrade to your existing product.

Again, aftermarket products provide you with the finest performance possible and amplify your machine’s capabilities. But many times, lack of durability and endurance. So, you need to consider your usage firsthand and your reason for changing the belt. If you are perfectly okay with the factory product and just changing the belt because it’s old, then OEM products might be your choice.

Also, if you are looking for an upgrade to your existing machine, you might want to take a look at the aftermarket products. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the 33 inch tires for jeep wrangler.


The best part about riding on an ATV is the rough rides. But, for you to enjoy that, you need a strong vehicle. A Can-Am Outlander is one of the excellent ATVs in the market, but your machine needs the best parts to provide the best performance.

So, if your belts have gone weary, you need to consider buying another one that is proven to be durable. That way, you don’t have to change it again before some time.

This saves you money and time. You may also be interested in some of the rims for honda accord from our list.


Before buying any product, you need to make sure it’s efficient. A Can-Am belt is no different.

Your Outlander’s performance can easily depend on the drive belt. This is the part that controls the clutch and provides the vehicle enough strength to cruise about in all terrains.

So, if the belt is not efficient enough, you are going to have a hard time controlling the vehicle. Moreover, your Outlander may not perform exactly while cornering, and this may result in severe accidents.

That is why you need to consider the efficiency of the belt for Can-Am Outlander before you buy one.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. How to know if I need to change my drive belt?

You should check your drive belt often. Inspect your drive belt closely to see if they look weary or old. After a few thousand miles, you should already consider changing the belt to avoid unnecessary irritation. Sometimes, the rubbers get worn out, and that means lesser reliability.

2. Do I need a clutch puller to change my CVT belt?


You don’t need a clutch puller.

3. What else do I need to change belts?

You will need a 3-inch bolt. M.8-1.25 x 60 to change the drive belts. You don’t need any other external accessories.

4. How to know if a belt will fit Can-Am Outlander?

You must always check the owner’s manual for OEM replacement part numbers. An un-fitting belt will not be able to keep up to your expectations.

So, you need to double-check the owner’s manual to know which belt will fit your Outlander.

5. Should I use upgraded model belts for my Outlander?

You can use upgraded models if it fits. This will boost your performance a lot. So, make sure that the belt fits your model. But a belt that is the best belt for can am commander 1000 will definitely be an upgrade to lesser models.

6. Are aftermarket products bad?

Not all aftermarket products are good; that’s all we can say. If you don’t know much about your vehicle, you should consider sticking to your OE quality products. But aftermarket products can give you a performance boost.

Final Words

The belt is one of the most important parts of the Can-Am Outlander. Any all-terrain vehicle can give you a bad experience if you’re not using the perfect belt for your machine.

But, if you keep durability, perfect fit, and your necessities in mind, you can understand which one is your best belt for Can-Am Outlander 1000 easily.

This can help you experience the wilderness with your Outlander more and give you the finest experience.

Have fun on the trail!